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Indiana Pacers Tie Playoffs Against the Heat

The Indiana Pacers beat the Miami Heat and tied the series.  Roy Hibbert finished the game with 23 points and 12 rebounds. Lance Stephenson aIndianaPacersdded 20 more points. The ending score was 99-92.  “We’re never going to give up. We’re relentless,” Hibbert said after another big game. “All those guys in there, they believe we can win. No matter what all the analysts or whoever says anything, they count us out, those guys in the locker room were ready to play and we went out and played our hearts out.”

Lebron James “fouling out” for the second time in his career was the main reason they lost. “That’s what the series is about, who can get to who and do it for longer periods of time. They kept us out of the paint,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. “We’ll just have to do it better.” The Heat are now in a must-win scenario, as they mus win Thursday night in Game 5 or they will have to come back to Indy for Game 6, fighting for their playoff lives.

“We had them right where we wanted them, but every time we would get a stop, especially in the fourth quarter, we didn’t come up with the rebound,” Bosh said. “It was there for us, but we didn’t capitalize.”


Memphis Beat The Thunder

okcthunderlogowallpaperIn a matchup of Western Conference teams that had a playoff feel to it, Gasol tipped in Zach Randolph’s miss with less than a second left in overtime Wednesday night to give Memphis a 90-89 win over the Thunder.Gasol was so excited about the winning basket that he dropped a not-suitable-for-television expletive in the live postgame interview.

“I saw Zach going baseline and just went for the rebound and got lucky with the tip,” Gasol said. “It’s an emotional game. It’s a team that we like playing against, and a team that knows us very well. It was a gritty game.”The excitement carried over into the Grizzlies’ locker room, from which whoops and hollers could be heard in the hallway.

I personally would like the Thunder to make it to the finals but if the Memphis Grizzlies move on I would be disapointed. The Thunder is my second favorite team, first being Magic, so it would be nice for them to win. Also I would like the Spurs to move on as well.

Orlando Magic Pull A Win Over Hornets

Orlando Magic pulled a win over the New Orleans Hornets on Monday, March 4th. Aaron Afflalo ended the game with act_arron_afflalo26 points, with 5 of those points being in the final 38 seconds. The final score was 105-102.

“It was great to see the guys feel it and get rewarded for their effort,” Magic coach Jacques Vaughn said. “We get down 17 and still plug away and play each possession.”

Jameer Nelson, returning from an injury involving his left knee, scored 15 points. A rookie, Tobias Harris, also scored 15 points.

Afflalo made two free throws to and changed the score to 103-100. Anthony Davis fouled him after making a shot causing Afflalo to find himself back at the free throw line. Afflalo was successful in making his first shot, but not the second shot. However, Harris got an offensive rebound and made one of two free throws, which made it a three point game with 10.6 seconds left.

“I’m glad Tobias got that last rebound, because I think my swag was a little too high,” Afflalo said.

“Great… great play by him. It’s not about me making free throws. It’s just about coming through. From the tip today we struggled at some moments, but we continued to fight together.”

Tobias Harris, a rookie who is now on the Orlando Magic, is a new player that may help the Magic reach the top of the NBA franchise.

Carmelo 50 Points In Game and Beat The Heat

Carmelo_Anthony_New_York_Knicks_WallpaperCarmelo Anthony released his final shot of the night then skipped backward, already knowing the outcome. Carmelo Anthony’s 50-point outburst showed the Heat just how good he is and why the Knicks will be a dangerous out come playoff time. The effort the Heat displayed for a second straight game without their stars spoke volumes about the job Erik Spoelstra has done,  Relying entirely on jumpers, Anthony tied his career high with 50 points and the Knicks won their ninth straight game, Miami Heat 102-90 on Wednesday night. “I felt good tonight,” Anthony said.

Anthony finished 18 of 26 from the court, taking two dribbles to free himself from Shane Battier and make his last shot with 16.9 seconds remaining to get to 50 and send the Knicks’ bench into excitement. It was the third time he scored 50 in his career, and it came with Miami’s LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Mario Chalmers all sidelined by injuries.

Oklahoma City Thunder beat Houston Rockets

okcthunderlogowallpaperOklahma City Thunder take their second win against the L.A. Lakers. The final score being 105-102 with their next game on Saturday, April 27. Westbrook and Kevin Durant each scored 29 points. “It’s fun! During this time of the year, as a team we’ve got one goal and we can’t let nobody get in the way,” Westbrook said. “That’s how I feel and that’s how I want my team to respond as well.”

Durant hit a 3-pointer with 2:28 to play after the Rockets had turned a 15-point deficit into a four-point lead. Durant missed a free throw with 1 second left, but Houston was out of timeouts and Carlos Delfino couldn’t connect on a desperation shot at the final buzzer. “It’s frustrating and it hurts really bad right now,” said Chandler Parsons, who scored 17 points for Houston. “But you’ve got to take some positives out of it. It’s a long series.”

“Our team is a young team and we’re not a perfect team by any stretch of the imagination, but they’ll fight,” coach Kevin McHale  said. “They’re a bunch of scrappers. They’ll go out and fight you for it. So, I knew our team would play well today. That’s who they are.”

Baseball World Classic!!


The 2013 baseball world classic is going to be very memorable. Why, you ask? Because this will be the year that Japan doesn’t win. This year Dominican Republic has been undefeated. Dominican Republic has defeated USA, Venezuela, Puerto Rico (2), The Netherlands, Italy, and Spain. The famous player Jose Cano is on the Dominican Republic baseball team.

The way that they find their team members is that they pick the best players from all of the lets say Dominican baseball teams.That’s how all of the teams are chosen around the world. In 2009 Dominican Republic never even made it to the second round because Puerto Rico sent them home. This year Dominican Republic sent Puerto Rico to the dumps twice but they haven’t been sent home yet because those games weren’t eliminating games. The two finalists were chosen out of yesterday’s games. D.R. Vs. The Netherlands and P.R. Vs. Japan.

All of the teams that were in the classic this year were Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Venezuela, USA, and Japan. This classic must be the most legendary because Dominicans have even come up with their own Hashtags. It is #Esonosehaceeeee. That means “You don’t do that.” The Domincan team has also been known to be called “The Dream Team.” There are a couple of team members on the Dominican team that pretend to throw an imaginary arrow into the sky and pretend to look at it when they win.

Washington Wizards Beat the Chicago Bulls

The Washington Wizards, trying to be the best team not in the playoffs, were about as good as they’ve been all season and have been unbeatable. John Wall had another solid game, and Emeka Okafor scored the dunk in the final minute Tuesday night as the Wizards won their eighth straight at home, beating the Chicago Bulls 90-86.200px-Washington_Wizards_Logo.svg Washington wants to pass the Philadelphia 76ers and finish ninth in the Eastern Conference. Not bad for a team that started 4-28, but it’s the NBA equivalent of playing for the top seed in the NIT.

“We want to, but we know we probably gave, like, eight games away since I’ve been back,” Wall said. “Detroit twice, Charlotte, Orlando, Toronto, Minnesota. If we had won those games, we would be right there. We’re still fighting — we’re not going to give up on the season — but that’s a very long shot. We’ve probably got to win every game. They’ve got to lose every game.” Wall finished with 27 points, nine assists, eight rebounds and three blocks. He’s averaging 23.7 points and 8.6 assists during the home winning streak. Nene, back after missing four games with a sore right knee, had 10 points and seven rebounds. Bradley Beal, in his second game since returning from a sprained left ankle, is still in pain.

Clippers Win Against Knicks

The Los Angeles Clippers went against the New York Knicks with thelos-angeles-clippers-logo-wallpaper-1024x768 final score being 102-88. Carmelo Anthony scored 42 points, almost half of his teams points, this being his fifth 40-point game of the season. Anthony only got two shots in the final period while defended by the 40 year old Grant Hill. “I think that Grant Hill sitting on the bench the whole time, he came in and provided a great presence out there on Melo. I don’t think we could have won that game without him,” Crawford said.

Chris Paul scored 25 points in his second game back from injury.  Crawford, who used to play for the Knicks, had 27. Blake Griffin only finished with 17 points and 12 rebounds for the Clippers. The Clippers lost to the Heat in the last game. Raymond Felton sored 20 points for the Knicks. Paul added 7 assists and 6 rebounds after being held to a season low of 3 points friday in Miami. The Clippers are back in shape and are getting Chauncey Billups back on friday.

Manti Teo Girlfriend Hoax

Manti Teo


Ronaiah Tuiasosopo was the master mind behind the Manti Teo fake girlfriend hoax. He spoke out to Dr. Phil McGraw in a two art interview on Friday. Tuiasosopo says he fell in love with Teo and wanted to find a way to date him. Tuiasosopo says that he created Lennay Keuka and that her relationship with Teo was on and off. On the latest development in the hoax Teo family has not commented yet. imagesimages

NFL Super Bowl Predictions

NFL Super Bowl Predictions

The games this week are between The San Francisco 49’rs and The Atlanta Falcons. Then The Baltimore Ravens and the New England Patriots. The 49’rs quarter back is a rookie named Colin Kaepernick. He might be a rookie, but he is very effective and experienced. The 49’rs won their game and the Ravens won their game vs the deadly Patriots. Therefore, its San Francisco and Baltimore Ravens. I am rooting for the Ravens, but who do you think will win?