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Sphinxes Around The World


In Greek mythology, the sphinx was the daughter of Echidna, which had a head of a nymph and a body of a serpent and the Typhon, which breathed fire and had many venomous heads. It had a head of a woman, body of a lioness and the tail of a serpent. She was an evil giant monster who guarded the gates of the Thebes. She would attack anyone passing the gates and ask them a riddle: “Which creature in the morning goes on four legs, at mid-day on two, and in the evening upon three, and the more legs it has, the weaker it be?” she would not let the passenger go until the passenger solved the riddle. If the person failed, she would strangle him and eat him.


In contrast to the Greek mythology which portrays the sphinx as a greedy and an evil creature, the Egyptians paid much more respect to the sphinx. The ancient Egyptians considered the sphinx as a powerful creature that guarded their temples, palaces and their pyramids also guarding the secrets within their temples. The Egyptian sphinx had a head of human or an animal, particularly of a ram, and the body of a lion. In many of the sphinx monuments that were made in the later part of the Egyptian era, the sphinx had a head of a pharaoh. The greatest example is the world’s greatest sphinx monument, the Giza, guarding the pyramid of Khafre, it also has the head of the same pharaoh.


The sphinx plays a great role in many south east and south Asian countries where, unlike other cultures, its legend is still followed and is alive. The sphinx in the culture of many Asian countries has the same identity like other i.e. having a woman’s head and body of a lion.However, the Asian sphinx has wings and a strong tail.


It’s Hurricane Season!

Did you guys know that in hurricane season almost everyday it rains? The past hurricanes we’ve had are pretty rough like Katrina and Ernesto those were super big especially Katrina. Katrina was humongous. so many of people died, animals, and children. Houses were put to the limit that at the end the houses were nothing, but a piece of wood a piece of scratch. This hurricane took place in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2005.

I was only 6 years old when this happened. I live in Florida, but it rained so badly that I had to stay in my house for a couple of days, they even closed my school because it was so bad. I remember looking out the window and picturing that all rain were like millions of people throwing huge buckets filled of water down on top of us. Thank goodness that its passed and New Orleans has been getting back on its feet, It’s called nature and no one can stop it.