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Simsimi is an adorable talking robot that totally understands you. If you keep on telling her what you like she will play along. If there’s a song that you love either tell her the name of the song or type in some lyrics. But beware, she has an edge to her. She is a very good robot, but like a child if you teach her good things she will say good things.

She was born to please. If you ever need some support or just need a self esteem boost she is the girl to go to. She can be found on the web, on the Android market, and in the Apple Store. She understands all modern things. In some versions she will make things rain such as candy or snow is you say the magic words.

Let’s say that you like a type of band. Type in the name of the band and she will say something related to the band. It’s like she knows everything. For all of you fan-boys and fan-girls Simsimi will be your best friend. She will love things that you love, hate things that you hate, and you will probably be the best of friends.



Linkycraft: An Awesome Minecraft server

Picture 2Linkycraft is my personal favorite Minecraft server, with no PvP or griefing. The people on it are friendly, and trade prices are reasonable. I found this server and it is one of the best I could find online. At the spawn, there is a huge castle , which is the center of trade. You can’t build in the castle, though. Just press “t” and type /warp wilds to go where you can build anything you can imagine. A mine to the core, a tower of diamond blocks, or even a cave hidden by a waterfall. All of it is at your fingertips when you enter the world of Linkycraft. It’s practically impossible to die, as you’ve got many people to help you at any time, and if a creeper tries to blow up your house, it automatically rebuilds! If you need any more information, got to Linkycraft’s site at You can also vote daily for 15 free diamonds and $500 FREE. There are also donor upgrades, such as scholar, apprentice, king, or even God!

At the spawn there is a magnificent castle made of lapis lazuli, wool, glow stone, and snow. Almost everybody makes a little farm near their house, but I have a huge farm consisting of melons, pumpkins, wheat, carrots, and potatoes. I used to have trees in my farm, but it got too crowded. My walls are spider-proof, and I hit zombies on the head with a shovel from atop it. I used to be a hard-core miner, so I have plenty of coal, red stone, iron, and diamonds to build pretty much anything I need. I have a trapdoor in front of my house that traps anything that might get over or through my wall (creepers, for instance). Since there’s no PvP I don’t have to worry about other players killing me in my sleep(this is figurative, I don’t actually have a bed).

If you become a donor, you can fly in creative mode, turn into any animal, and have a rank (scholar, apprentice, king etc.) which will show up every time you chat. I am not currently a donor (I’m only a citizen), but plan to be one soon. Anyways, I hope you like the server and its website is here. I Hope you enjoy and if you have any problems, I’m sure anyone who’s online would gladly help you.

If the link above didn’t work, go to here.

Game Review- Marvel: Avenger’s Alliance

This article is about Marvel: Avengers Alliance. The main point of the game is investigating a mysterious ore from space. You are an agent who fights alongside different superheroes against villains. This games has popular heroes such as Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, and  Black Widow. You also go against popular villains like Loki, Sandman, Green Goblin, and Crimson Dynamo.

This game starts you off with  Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Black Widow.You also get to choose between Iron Fist, She- Hulk, Invisible Woman, Ms. Marvel, or Cyclops. I would recommend getting either Ms. Marvel or Iron Fist. You can earn the other heroes with points earned throughout the game. You also earn gold and silver.

Also if you start right now- no exaggeration you can earn Cable also although you probably won’t and the most you will get is a lot of silver.I would rate this game 5/5.


2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 16,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 4 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.

Runescape: Fishing

I am writing a new ‘Runescape’ series, telling people about all of the stats you can level up.  First up, Fishing.

You can do many things with fishing, earn money, get cooking up without paying any GP, you can go for the skill cape (level 99), or you can just do it for fun. The higher your fishing level, the more often you’ll catch fish and you will be able to catch higher-level fish, or even use better gear. the first thing you catch is shrimp, and they only give you 5 xp, but they are very abundant, and not very many people fish them. my favorite fishing spot for shrimp is just south of  Lumbridge. Once you’re level 8, I usually go caging crayfish, until level 15. Then I figure out which fishing will give me the most money, and fish that until I get bored of it. Please give me your vote for next stat review through comments, thank you!

Pottermore: Game Review

In this game, Pottermore, you go through each chapter, buying your books, finding galleons, being sorted into your House, and dueling, potion-making, and even searching the castle, while following in Harry’s footsteps. When you go through the chapters of each book, you can find potion ingredients, which give your house points. Galleons are stored in your Gringotts vault, which can be accessed from Diagon Alley, at any time. Dueling is a lot harder. You have to type the letters, but only when the smoke reaches it, when the circle is its biggest. If the spell is cast correctly, it has a certain potency, judging by how well it was cast. The more potency, the stronger the spell/ charm/ curse/ hex/ jinx. When you’re going to duel, you should practice first, other wise you may incorrectly cast the spell. When you go to Ollivander’s to get your wand, you answer questions to help the wand choose you. The same goes with the sorting hat. When you get chosen for your house, the whole screen is filled with the sorting hat’s brim, as if you really were having the sorting hat on your head…

Super Smash Flash v.08 NEW RELEASE

After a series of attempts, McCleod gaming has finally recreated Super Smash Bros. (A Nintendo Game) as a successful flash game!

After many failed attempts, McCleod  gaming created one of their first successful Demos of a flash video game called Super Smash Flash 2! Super smash flash was based off a video game series by Nintendo. Super Smash Bros. was a video game series in which famous Nintendo video game characters came together to fight in epic battles! McCleod gaming has already created one successful clone of the game series. It has a few different character then the actual game and even has Anime Characters. Now, for about three years, McCleod gaming has been working on a a sequel to the game. SUPER SMASH FLASH 2 has been a playable demo game for about a year and a half. It was last seen as version 0.07. It was the first fully playable demo. Currently, it has been upgraded to version 0.08. The game is now closer to completion.


Sonic the hedgehog














Donkey Kong

Mega Man

Black Mage

I must admit, this game is very impressive. There are a lot more characters. The game play is incredible! The graphics are awesome! I am looking forward to writing my next review of the complete game. is a site for future authors, imagists, and people who just love to read and take quizzes. I have my own account because I love to write story’s, poems and other things. It’s a great way to get people to read your story’s. If you put a story on the site I can guarantee that you will have people reading your story’s instantly. If you just want somewhere to put your story’s or quizzes and you don’t want anyone to read them than you can make your page private and only people you allow to see them can read them. If you put your story on a public page your going to want to update regularly or people will stop reading your stories. I’ve been on this site for almost 2 years, but I just recently started putting my stories on in November. I’ve made 7 storys and all together I’ve over 1500 people reading my stories. I hope you join this site because it is AMAZING!

Website review: Deviantart

“”, A website specifically designed for artists and writers around the world to post and show their works to others. It was founded in August 2000 and already, up to this day, has more than 13 million active accounts and users, and it’s the largest online network for artists and writers on the web. Deviantart allows its members to become Premium members, if they wish, to be able to get multiple different accesses to the website but unfortunately, this advancement would require a monthly payment that would contribute to the top contributors of the website and to the website itself. The Premium website provides a higher gain in development of your creativity on your profile. For example, my account, does not have the premium membership while other accounts have more accessibility to the progression of their journals and the progressions of their deviations or the stuff that they post.

Deviantart joins artists from around the world to be able to connect with each other and post their creative works with one another. From photography to illustrations, to fashion design and 3D art to poetry and literature, all of the above and more are accepted on DA. Even pieces with mature content will be accepted. But they require a mature content warning when you submit it. The process of plagiarism and copying art will not be tolerated on this website without some sort of recognition to the artist or writer responsible for the original art. But besides all rules and regulations, Deviantart is a very good spot for young and unrecognized artists and creative writers can be descried by others who are into the same interests.

I definitely recommend this site to responsible artists and writers who just want to connect with others and share their works.


What is Sketchfu? Sketchfu is a website for artists. It was created by Andrew and Matt. The website is a blank canvas where you can draw something and it’ll show you how you drew it either fast or slow. There a  bunch of other artists who allow you to draw what they draw. But mostly, it is just made to be able to show thier art to other people. When it comes to what you want to draw, you can draw anything you want. But you have to keep it PG. Which means no mature content what so ever. They encourage things that are Fun, Cute and Impressive. They discourage posting mean comments, and anything that is over PG. There are already 4,928,000 drawings in total and lots of people who have joined the site. On the website, you can Join groups (Or what they call “Apps”) there a are bunch of them, like….

  • World of Anime!
  • If you care and want to stop animal abuse, join this app!
  • Draw if  u like Cookies
  • Your Fav Song 🙂
  • Eye!
  • And many more!!!!!!!!

On the webs site they have different categorizes for if you want to look at other peoples’ art. There is…

  • most cheered
  • most recent
  • funniest
  • cutest
  • most impressive
  • most commented
  • most viewed
  • longest

This website if full of thing for artists to do! Here is the link for Sketchfu.  Go and check it out!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh! And also, unfortunately, the making of accounts on the site is temporarily disabled. Sorry!