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Sesame Street

Sesame Street is an American children’s television series made by Joan Ganz Cooney and Lloyd Morrisett. Sesame Street is known for education and communication with the use of Muppets, humor, animation, and cultural references. This show aired on November 10, 1969. Sesame Street is mainly about these characters trying to teach you education and communication and It has changed throughout the years.

It was said the Sesame Street was the first television series that educated and impacted children world wide. In twenty different countries versions of Sesame Street was broadcast on 2006. Sesame Street’s 40th anniversary was in 2009. It is also broadcasted over 140 countries. Also, on Sesame street’s 40th anniversary, it was rated the fifteenth highest children’s television show in the United States.

In 1996, 95% of American preschoolers had already watched the show by the time they were only three years of age. In 2008, the television series had 77 million American viewers. In 2009, Sesame Street received 8 Grammy Awards and 118 Emmy Awards. By the 20th season, children were becoming involved in story-lines. Sesame Street’s curriculum expanded in 1981. Sesame Street was achieving more and more fame by the year. It also helped a lot of children in school.


Lady Attacked By Cheetahs

In South Africa a women was mauled by cheetahs. The women that was mauled said she was traumatized about the incident. Violet D’Mello told reporters in an interview with Caters News Agency that ( I tried to play dead to tame the animals). She also said ( All I remember is the cheetahs clawing at my head,stomach, and legs.

Her and her husband where at Kragga Kamma Game Park, in South Africa for her 60th birthday celebration. The couple had got a chance to go in a petting session with 2 brother cheetahs Monty and Mark. The whole reason the women got attacked is because she was saving a 8 year old. They were in the petting area and on of the cats grabbed the girl. The women tried to save the little girl and got pulled in. The attack lasted for more than 3minutes before the guides pushed the animals away. She was clawed in the face dangerously near her eye. Her husband is very angry at the incident and is protesting.

Silk Worms Make Silk as Strong as a Spiders

How many people know that spider thread is as strong as steel. Now think of the effectiveness of that. Now spiders silk is not easy to produce but what if you could have a silk worm create that strong of a material. Silk worms produce silk at a much faster rate than that of a spider, but the problem is that silk is fragile. So, how do you fix this problem?  Well, why don’t you splice the genes of a spider and a silk worm so that the silk worm makes the thread of a spider. It is not impossible scientists from the University of Wyoming is working on that solution currently. To those that are wondering the silk worms are not being put in harms way there is no harm to the environment because of this. Now little kids that watch Spider man in the morning can now have a material as strong as Spider mans silk in vast quantities.

Penguins: The Aquatic Birds

Have you ever heard of a flightless bird or a bird that can swim and dive, well you probably heard about penguins. Penguins are a very peculiar type of bird in my opinion this is because the cannot fly, a common trait among every type of bird. Some humans hunt these flightless birds this has caused conservation groups to form in favor of saving these flightless birds.

      Penguins have a very complicated anatomy that is essential to survive in the cold. Penguins have to dive underwater to get food, but the only reason they are such good swimmers is the fact that their arms are flippers and their tails are in a wedge shape which helps them navigate underwater. Have you ever wondered why penguins are black and white? well it helps them underwater when they are getting their food because they are at risk from predators. Their back is black because when predators look down every thing is black because of how deep the sea is and their belly is white because the penguins will blend in with the sun’s rays.

      Penguins are believed to be descendants of early birds. Their ability to swim was obtained due to the fact that they had to adapt to getting food from water and they basically traded flying for swimming. Penguins eventually adapted to the cold by obtaining layers of fat which obviously helps them actually survive in the cold.I hope you have learned something about penguins and thank you for reading this blog entry.

Why Are People Killing Whales and Dolphins!

People in Japan  are killing whales and dolphins right now. They say that there using whales for scientific reasons and they also say that dolphins are eating to much fish. But i believe that there doing it just for the money. They say that a dead dolfin is worth about six hundred dollers and that a show dolphin is worth over hundred fifty thousand dollars. Right now there are groups of people trying to stop them. For the whales there’s a show called “Whale Wars” and its about how people are trying to stop whaling. There is also another television show that’s called “The Cove.”

It’s hard to believe that people can kill these nice animals that don’t do anything to use except give us joy. When your out in the middle of the ocean somewhere it’s one of the coolest parts about the ocean. How these animals give u joy is by either how they jump or by how they stick there tail out of the water. I hope that the murder of these animals stop soon. I hope that the people that are killing the whales and dolphins should get sued or have the rest of there live in prison. Plus the water turns all read after there done killing them all. I hope that Japan well stop and that animals shall only die of age or other animals not humans. Save the whales and dolphins please!

Endangered animals you might not know.

You know about the Bengal Tiger, Polar Bear, and the Panda Bear being endangered, but how many animals are there? Well its time to find out! Golden Lion Tamarin:

Meat Eaters: Jaguar, Gray wolf, African Wild Dog, Cougar, Red wolf,  Mexican Gray wolf, Sumatran tiger, Orinoco crocodile, Indian Wild Dog, Bengal tiger, Giant otter, Jaguar, Harpy Eagle, and Elegant Frog and Blue poison dart frog.                                 

Plant Eaters: Lear’s Macaw, Yellow crested Cockatoo, Brown spider monkey, Mountain gorilla, Javan Rhino, Maned Three-toed Sloth, Diana monkey, Great green Macaw, Mountain Tapir, Aye- Aye, Indian Elephant, Golden Lion Tamarin, Prosboscis Monkey, and Giant Armadillo.

Many of these animals such as the Mexican Grey wolf are more than endangered or extremely close to extinction. Some of these animals 500 or less others of their kind in the wild and even fewer in captivity. If we help these animals today we can teach future generations how  to care for them too.

Mexican Gray Wolf :

Oil Spill Clean Up: Wildlife Fundraiser Show

I wanted to pass along some info for a fundraiser that’s taking place this
weekend to benefit the Florida Wildlife Federation.

Oil Spill Clean Up: Wildlife Fundraiser Show

Start Time:Saturday, June 5, 2010 at 7:00pm
End Time:Sunday, June 6, 2010 at 12:30am
Location:The Haven Lounge
Street:6700 Aloma Ave.
City/Town:Winter Park, FL

VersusNova is giving this concert and plan to designate their donations to
the Florida Wildlife Federation!

Doors open at 7:00 pm

If you have any questions or need directions, you can call 407.673.2712.

Ticket Information: $7 (21+) $9 (18-21)

If you are in the area, please come out and participate in this event!!

If you would like to find out more information about VersusNova go to their website at or look them up on Facebook. You can also
check them out on Myspace and Twitter.

Live Bird Feeder

There is a wonderful bird cam on sports mans paradise and it is our Ms Ziger favorite. there is many beautiful birds that eat out of bird feeders there are 4 bird feeders and 1 bird bath. This web cam is located in Kansas the birds come in many sizes. Also in the morning this camera if literary filled with birds in vibrant colors. But a crow comes in every now and then it and scares the birds away and reeks up the rewards by gobbling up the seeds for a few short seconds. Also the sounds are amazing it sounds like a harmony of birds. But if you go on at a later time it will  be a disappointment there are barley any birds at noon. I give this cam 5 out of 5 and you can comment to when you get to this web cams link. So if you want to see beautiful birds then you should go to this link.

Barn Swallow Nest Review

There is a new bird nest on Sports Man Paradise an it is swallows their are 4 chicks and one mother. The nest is located in the corner of a house. The mother swallow is feeding the baby swallows they have their eyes open by now. Barn swallows prefer a wide country side where the plants are low so they can easily swoop up any bugs that they can see and then return it to their nest. This nest is a small and the chicks inside the  nest can barley move around and also the mother has to hang on the side to feed a chick. And also they have their mouths open most of the time they will be sitting in their nest and the wind will blow and they will open their mouths. Or they would just keep their heads faced the wrong way. So if you want to see these baby chicks and vote then go to this link.

Blue Bird Nest Review

Blue birds are beautiful animals they like to find quite places where they can find many bugs. When they lay there eggs they will protect the eggs until they hatch then the female will go out of the nest to find food for the chicks. The blue bird males probably leave the female when the eggs are being laid. This birds are extremely territorial and have been known to attack any birds that come near there nest. When the chicks are old enough they will leave the nest and will make there own nests. Blue birds make there nests out of twigs and dried grass. There is a word of warning for any one that is going to watch this. The blue birds are missing so you can go to this link (. I think that the bluebirds are not missing but that is your opinion. The image is replaced by a large humming bird feeder.