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Why Is It So Hard to Land On Mars? *NEW*

Mars known as the unfriendly planet. Mars is not a very “friendly” place. Its climate is freezing, windy, barren, and quiet if you don’t count the howling dust storms that are very threatening. So it’s mostly like your regular New York winter weather, if you like that sort of thing. Mars seems like a jerky planet that doesn’t want it’s secrets to be revealed. So when humans send out rovers and things like that out to explore, the Martian Dust Devil shows up and thwarts all their plans.

The Martian Dust Devil: Massive dust storms, similar to this serpent-like dust devil, Plague the landers and rovers that humans have tried to send to mars over the decades. Humans also sent The Viking that was doing missions which contained experiments to study Mars’ weather, and photograph panoramic sites of landscape, and viking was to look for microbes too. The results from viking are actually still being debated. Humans were very proud of how successful their landing was.

Humans didn’t send anything else to mars for another decade or so after The Viking. The USSR sent Phobos 1 and 2 in 1988 to land on one of Mars’ moons, but those probes didn’t make it. The only reason humans are doing this is because they want to find another home for the human race. If it wasn’t for NASA we wouldn’t even know what we know now about mars or any other planets. Thanks for reading 😀


Why Swedish IKEA Is So Popular in China (It’s Not The Furniture)

Have you ever heard of IKEA? Well if you haven’t heard of IKEA it is a swedish retail superstore. In America your only allowed to look at the furniture and TV screens, but they must have misunderstood that in China. In China the employees of IKEA actually let the customers, and employees from other shops SLEEP ON THE FURNITURE!?!?! The customers just come inside find a cozy bed and sleep on it.

Workers who are on their lunch breaks take their lunch to IKEA and actually eat and sleep there on their breaks. Can you imagine just coming to a store and while your walking and inspecting furniture, you see someone sleeping on the furniture. If you ever did that in an American IKEA the workers could have you arrested and they could even press charges on you. Some people even leave their babies in the beds sleeping while the parents shop.

So that’s what happens in IKEA in china.

 Source By Meera Dolasia

Spotting Cancer Cells In Blood With a New Method

Have you ever wondered how cancer gets detected? Well medical researchers have discovered a method that offers early detection of cancer that starts in the human body. It’s a certain blood test invented by doctors and medical researchers. They discovered this method by blending an ultra-fast camera and a powerful optical microscope with software that can process the data they produce at EXTREMELY high speeds. The researchers are hoping that the test shows CTCs or Circulating Tumor Cells. The way that they find the CTCs is by observing when they break away from the tumors in blood samples. Detecting the CTCs can also be difficult because your blood has range of cells, from red blood cells to white blood cells. Your blood also has platelets. CTCs are the few among many more different particles.

If they find the CTCs it will potentially make early cancer detection as simple as taking your blood. The way to detect if you have cancer is actually very simple. When they take your blood, if they see CTCs then the doctors know that a cancerous tumor has formed somewhere in the body. So technically cancer is playing hide and seek inside your body and everywhere it goes it infects the area it was just in. When it infects too much of your body’s tissue doctors can’t operate and then they give you a life expectancy. The life expectancy is normally 3-4 or 4-5 months to live. By using this method they can detect cancer in it’s early stages and take out as much of it through surgery. So if you ever wondered how cancer was detected, well now you know. Thank you for reading. 😀

The History of The Snickers Candy Bar

A Snicker is a Chocolate candy bar. Snickers are made with a nougat base, with caramel and peanuts, and are surrounded by milk chocolate. It became the most popular chocolate bar. The inventor of Snickers candy bar was Frank Mars. He started out making candy with his mom. Then he began selling the candy and started the Mar-O-Bar Company. In the 1920s, it was starting to become the world leader in chocolate bars. In the 1930s, it became a big a hit. But after a few years, Frank Mars died at the age of 50. Either way, Millions of people buy Snickers candy bar every day. First, the candy bar was called “Marathon” in the United Kingdom, but then they changed it to Snickers. They changed it to Snickers because they named it after one of their favorite horses. The Mars Candy Company expanded and is now one of the largest businesses in the world. The Snickers bar itself costs about $2 Billion of Mars sales. More than 15 Million Snickers candy bars are made a day. That’s about 100 tons for those 15 Million. The Snickers bar is still a wonderful success in the candy business.

The Virus That Generates Electricty: The M13

Recently scientists have found a virus called M13, that can be extremely beneficial to man-kind. Scientists have genetically modified the virus to generate electricity every time pressure is applied on it. The virus generates electricity by something called the piezoelectric effect.

This effect allows the virus to generate electricity when pressure is applied to it. Scientists say that this virus is still in its beta and has a long way to go. This virus was put to the test in an experiment and generated enough power equivalent to a quarter of the power a triple A battery produces.

Scientists feel that if they succeed with the virus they will change daily life. The virus had been proven to not be harmful to humans and will probably be used for other purposes. Scientists are hopeful for the potential of this virus.

I think this virus will help the environment, but if it spreads it might cause forest fires. This Virus can also evolve and become too powerful for us to handle and it can be a disaster if it goes on the loose. Other than those potential flaws I think that It will benefit the world a lot and that it will provide new structures of architecture and keep the world powered at all times. This can even benefit the economy as well.

Lady Attacked By Cheetahs

In South Africa a women was mauled by cheetahs. The women that was mauled said she was traumatized about the incident. Violet D’Mello told reporters in an interview with Caters News Agency that ( I tried to play dead to tame the animals). She also said ( All I remember is the cheetahs clawing at my head,stomach, and legs.

Her and her husband where at Kragga Kamma Game Park, in South Africa for her 60th birthday celebration. The couple had got a chance to go in a petting session with 2 brother cheetahs Monty and Mark. The whole reason the women got attacked is because she was saving a 8 year old. They were in the petting area and on of the cats grabbed the girl. The women tried to save the little girl and got pulled in. The attack lasted for more than 3minutes before the guides pushed the animals away. She was clawed in the face dangerously near her eye. Her husband is very angry at the incident and is protesting.

Microsoft Sells AOLs Patents

Microsoft just bought 925 of AOL’s pattens for 1 billion but AOL kept 300. Then Microsoft turned around and sold them some of them to different companies like facebook for 550 million just for 650 out of 925 patents. Facebook will also get the license to use the patents that Microsoft bought. I think that this is ridiculous because Microsoft should not just be able to by something like the AOL patents and turn around and sell them for more than just a couple are worth. So, now just by doing a trade off with AOL, Facebook, and other companies Microsoft made money.

They also had to make a special deal so that the companies would not sue each other for millions of dollars.  So, now what a lot of people are wondering is what is Microsoft going to do with 275 pattens? Some are saying that Microsoft turned there back on Yahoo because they wanted to buy the pattens. Facebook and Yahoo has been in a lawsuit for a while now and now the patents can help Facebook win the lawsuit. But Yahoo said that Facebook has violated 10 of the patents so there is no way to tell who will win. On May 17th 2012 Facebook will launch its IPO or initial public offering. Some are saying that it will be shut down on May 16th 2012, so they can work on the system but nothing is official yet.

The Life and Death of Oskar Schindler

Many people do not know of this man. A man who saved thousands from death. A man named Oskar Schindler.

Oskar Schindler was a man born on April 28, 1908 in Moravia. As a young man, Oskar was a business salesman. Having the gift of a great business man, Oskar Schindler became a very successful industrialist in Germany. His most important work was creating ammunition in factories for the German Government. The production of these materials became essential during the rise of Nazi Germany and the start of the second World war. In 1939, Oskar became a part of the Nazi party only to receive a source of income as an ammunition producer for the Nazi military. He did not agree with the imprisonment of Jews. But at that point of his life, he was only concerned with his money, his women, and success. To run his factory, he needed workers. At the time, Jewish men, women, and children could be bought and sold. Lists of names could be provided to the German government to hire his Jewish workers. They were fed and provided a home away from the chaos of the concentration camps. Oskar had hired a Jewish secretary and hundreds of factory workers. Jewish people requested for  Oskar Schindler to save various family members of the Jewish people from war. Oskar provided hope to many of the Jews. However, Oskar’s intentions were not to save anyone. He simply wanted to run his business and make money. Eventually, he felt fulfilled in his work and wished to leave his business.

Oskar Schindler had a change of heart. He cared for the Jewish people and made his goal to save more and more Jews. He became obsessed with writing lists of names to save lives. He made his workers swear not to ever produce real ammunition. They could only pretend to be working. He became a true savior to the Jews.

Soon, the war was over. He was member of the Nazi party. He would soon be arrested. On this day, Oskar said his final farewell to the Jews he had come to love. He fled for America, wishing he could have saved more.

Castro’s Cuba: The Control of Communism

Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz, born August 13, 1926, was dictator of Cuba from 1959 – 2008. Fidel Castro’s brother, Raul Castro, is currently maintaining Fidel’s position as “president” of Cuba. Fidel Castro led Cuba to depression, as millions of innocent people struggle in poverty each day.

Cuba is not what most people think. Tourists that travel there see only what the government wants them to see. White sandy beaches and Tropical resorts. But that is only the part of Cuba that the government shows to their visitors.

This is what Cuba really looks like:

What made Cuba come to this? The following explains the reason why Cuba is not as beautiful as it used to be.


The Cuban Revolution (1953-59) was led by Fidel Castro to gain “Independence” from an already pre-existing communist government.  Fulgencio Batista, the leader of this government, lost the battle against this rebellion on  January 1, 1959.  The first attack was made on the Moncada Barracks of Santiago and on the barracks in Bayamo. Among the rebels, five were killed in battle, and fifty-six were killed later by Batista’s soldiers. Castro was arrested and was sentenced to 15 years in the Presedio Modelo prison.

This was only a taste of things to come.


“I believe that there is no country in the world including any and all the countries under colonial domination, where economic colonization, humiliation and exploitation were worse than in Cuba, in part owing to my country’s policies during the Batista regime. I approved the proclamation which Fidel Castro made in the Sierra Maestra, when he justifiably called for justice and especially yearned to rid Cuba of corruption. I will even go further: to some extent it is as though Batista was the incarnation of a number of sins on the part of the United States. Now we shall have to pay for those sins. In the matter of the Batista regime, I am in agreement with the first Cuban revolutionaries. That is perfectly clear.”

U.S. President John F. Kennedy, interview with Jean Daniel, 24 October 1963

In June 1955, Fidel met and joined forces with the Argentine revolutionary Ernesto Guevara. They called themselves  “26th of July Movement”.

This “Anti-Communist” group stormed the Presidential Palace on March 13, 1957 and brutally murdered Batista and created a hacked all radio stations shortly afterwords to announce Batista’s death. Although it seems that this was a great victory for Cuba, this would soon be the start of a great downfall. Small battles against the remnants of the Batista Regime were successful. Radio Rebelde, a form of the resistance’s propaganda, was set up to announce the revolution’s victory. Rebel forces had spread all over Cuba, slowly deteriorating the last of the Batista Regime. It was not until July of 1959 that the Batista Regime battle in “La batalla de la Plata” and “La batalla de las Mercedes” that Finally were defeated. Multiple battles took place as the last of the Island’s Cities were captured.


Castro had won. Hell was about to break loose.

Castro had betrayed the huge following he had gathered by reforming the government to once again follow communism. Because of this, the beautiful Island of Cuba has not been given the freedom it deserves. And so, that is the story of Castro’s Cuba. The Cuba that agonizes every day because of his betrayal.

Teenagers Drinking Hand Sanitizer to Get Drunk

In the last few months 6 teens showed up at Los Angeles emergency rooms. The doctors found out that they got intoxicated off of hand sanitizer. The teens found out it contained 62% ethyl alcohol and found out a way of distilling the alcohol out of the sanitizer.

Guides explaining how to get the alcohol out of the sanitizer can be found all over the internet. The ethyl alcohol that you would get could be compared to a hard shot of liquor. Toxicology researchers say that kids have done this in the past with cough syrup, mouthwash, and vanilla extract.

Researchers recommend getting the foam type of hand sanitizer, because kids are less likely to ingest it. I think kids should stop doing this, because it could get them killed if they don’t distill the sanitizer well, even then some of the unsafe chemicals in hand sanitizer are not distilled out.